13 8 / 2010

WVCR hires Newkey Recording Studios for Commercial Spots Highlighting New Show.

Newkey Media Solutions sister company, Newkey Studios produced 2 new commercial spots for their new show ” Urban Suburban 2, Thursday 11:00 - 1:00 am. The 2 spots supports their brand and gives positive attention to their show.

15 3 / 2010

Newkey Media Solutions has been chosen by Schenectady Christian School to re-develop there new website and use of photography services provided by Newkey. The project will be an exciting venture and will showcase the schools ability to revival the best schools in the Capital Region in academics and athletics.

04 2 / 2010

Newkey Media Solutions expands and joins “The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce” to provide services in the areas of web design, branding, graphic design, photography and recording services. It was a easy decision to grow the business in a Capital city that has embraced the arts culture. The resources are there and have opened their hands and hearts to welcome Newkey Media Solutions in their community. Newkey is eager and ready to give back to the Road Island area that appreciates true art and doesn’t settle for “good bad design”. Excellence and Quality media is what Newkey Media Provides for each (client) partner and is looking to grow from that talent that is from the great art colleges in the area. As their trademark slogan says,” we’re the creative behind your genius” , they want to bring their branding to Providence and show them what they can do for this up and coming city. Its a great place to grow, live, wok and play and Newkey Media Solutions is proud to be part of it.

22 1 / 2010

Washington Avenue Armory will be using Newkey Media for photography at the shinedown concert on 1/22/10

08 1 / 2010

The Armory Garage in Albany New York partners with Newkey Media Solutions for their branding of their new website, website development and photography. The Armory Garage is also using Newkey’s Photography for their events.

16 12 / 2009

Newkey media will be launching a new websote for Niskyuna Fire District 2 on Friday dec 18, 2009.

07 10 / 2009

October 7, 2009 Clifton Park
Newkey Media Solutions teamed up with B.O.S.S. inc. ( Business Operational Success Systems Inc.) in Clifton Park on Branding your business and Accessing Your Organization for High Performance. This Introduction course was informational as well as educational in helping the business C.E.O.’s or anyone who is a team player in organizing a “open system” structure to help in results in growing their company.

C.F.O. Antoinette DiMascio of Newkey Media Solutions, LLC took the stage first. Newkey first talked about the importance of the correct way in image branding a company. After a testimonial from Decker’s Landscape and Aquatics in their success of their new brand and their “Return On Investment”, handed the microphone over to Ray Gagnon.

Ray Gagnon is the founder of Business Operational Success Systems, Inc. He is internationally recognized as a business builder, leader, and mentor. Ray speaks professionally throughout North America at Business Conventions, Retreats, Conferences and company Meetings. Creator of the KAS, APPE, and PESOS training systems, Ray uses his 25+ years of experiences to help his clients increase sales, improve skills, refine processes, and achieve organizational goals.

More information on Services provided by (B.O.S.S) Business Operational Success System, Inc.

More information on Services provided by Newkey Media Solutions, LLC

26 9 / 2009

09-26-2009 Clifton Park, NY. Recycled Audio, a band birthed out of Newkey’s Recording Studio, a division of Newkey Media Solutions performs for a benefit to support “CAPTAIN - Youth & Family Services” in Clifton Park, N.Y. at the Christ Community Reformed Church. The performance is for the runners as they unwind from a 5K Benefit Race. The music includes covers as well as original songs for a 2 hour show.

08 9 / 2009

Prelude to A Good Bad Design

It all starts with a website, someone needs a quick layout or a redesign, but don’t want to pay for the professional schooled designer to design a custom site for them….so they settle with a “stay at home mom” who did a website for Aunt Birtha’s Corner Bakery, then, next door neighbor Tony who has an automobile shop needed a website, who talked to Aunt Birtha, and asked the ” stay at home mom” to do a website. Suddenly that “stay at home mom” who plays with ” Facebook”, or a writes a blog thinks, “Uhmmm. This is easy way to make some money.” Without thought or reason, decides to do a little homework on how to web design online, runs down to local bookstore, picks up a book or two on design, gets a old copy of a photoshop and suddenly becomes the new little corner web designer.

The Stirring up

Thats where the problem begins. As these little “stay at home moms, turned web designers”  start to do websites for the entire township at a quarter the cost than the professional, everyone who is trying to save a buck runs to her. As she starts to claim that she is different and better than the professional, the business owner who calls her for a quote thinks shes the expert. Again, All she did is think, ” this is a easy way to make a buck.”  It starts to become a runaway train of “Good Bad Design”

The Loss of Good Design

The next stage of the bad design births out of the designer themselves. As her little company grows, she starts to wonder how to give some dynamic content and solutions to the ever salivating client who is demanding more. She then decides to hire a friend or someone who actually might have experience in the short life of web designers, since the internet for 10 years, but as we know it today has been a lot shorter than that. That designer then mentions a simple content editor such as Joomla, or Word Press. These two tools are great to use and originally made for simple sites and really not for growing businesses, even though many businesses use them, but beware if your site starts to look like everyone else, because someone else probably has the exact same site. This puts your branding at risk. Someone else already did design it, and all the homemaker has done is tweek it and called it custom. You truly do get what you pay for.


The Downfall is when the client and the web designer together have gotten caught up in the “new norm” of what a website should do and be like. There is really nothing original about it. Aunt Birtha’s Bakery website and the next door neighbor’s website are identical, just a few different colors, links and logos, but under the hood, they are the same, with little effort. At first the new site is cool because it looks cool and functions great, and the designer praised but forgetting its a template from thousands upon thousands to choose from, for free. They forget it was designed somewhere else. And even at times, the designer gets tempted by someone else’s design to borrow the look as they say. It sometimes leads to stealing, its easy to even take someone else’s design that could be copy written or even trademarked. This could get the client into trouble and the designer. But if no-one catches it, the “homemaker turned designer” still claims that she does custom work and the client thinks its a custom site. Thats just not good business ethics.


A lot of developers and designers also get caught up in the “Good Bad Design”. Even the professional sometimes thinks “uhmmm, I can make quick changes, graphically change it, repackage it, and within a few hours has a push button solution for the client”. It seems more and more fall into this practice. They work a 8 hour work day and treat their job like a everyday office job. The real work has been thrown away in the new web 2.0 world. What happens when the client wants something totally different? Can it be done? They are truly misinformed.They are restricted and may eventually leave because it wont do what they want it to do. This puts a bad name out there for all true designers who design from scratch who can easily change and expand the site according to clients needs.

The sad thing is that while the “homemakers” who designs starts to unravel her non-existent skills, someone else who is carpenter in the day and turned web designer at night starts the cycle all over again.

Recovering from Bad Design

Knowing that its everywhere, the business owner needs to be aware and make the right choice on not going to a ” fill-in-blank ” turned web design specialist” to begin with. By going to ” True Professional in the field” they will not be steered wrong and its in the interest of the designer to be truthful and honest to the client. In the long run, the client will trust you and probably remain loyal to the designer. The costs are higher, but so is the Return on Investment. The client should do their homework, they should:

1. Ask how long they have been in business?
2. Ask if they or their design team have a degree in graphics, website design, or IT.
3. Ask What’s his or hers Education?
4. Ask where else if any did they work at before designing websites.
5. They should ask, Do they draw, or have any other artistic ability. 
6. Ask, How are their working habits?
7. Ask them, Do they work 9-5?
8. Ask them, Do they work full time at this or is this a part time gig for extra money?
9. Ask, Is it a passion or just a job?

Conclusion and Solutions

By the answers, you will see what is “True Design” and the difference to what is ” Good Bad Design” If you have any more thoughts or questions or need a free consultation, feel free to contact Newkey Media at www.newkeymedia.com

17 8 / 2009

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